Hi, I am using death by captcha cmd line tool to resolve captcha. However when I make a package for uipath orchestrator. its not able to access output file which is generated every time when cmd line tool runs. There is a resolved captcha inside which I use as type in activity for a website. It is working fine locally.

Please advice. What other options are available in my case. Please let me know thanks

Sumit S



I have tried the same thing and for me death by captcha was working perfectly.

I can tell what steps I followed:

  1. I was using ‘take screenshot’ activity to take the screenshot of the captcha with the help of selectors.
  2. After taking the screeshot(.png) I replaced the image file that is read by death by captcha .
  3. Use open application activity to open deathby captcha using cmd.
  4. Use on element vanish activity check if the cmd is closed (ie captcha is converted in to text)
  5. read the text from text file generated by death by captch

Thanks for the input.

I am able to run and get captcha from death by captcha. When I run the whole project from UIpath studio. its works. However when I publish it and try running the job in uipath orchestrator it does not work because it is not able to save new captcha image in a published package because of this, not able to read captcha “answer.txt”

please advice

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Can you set up captcha path outside the project. I mean some other location in drive. And try to use complete path.


it worked … thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Welcome :slight_smile:


How to use this [open deathby captcha using cmd] ?

Thanks in advance.

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Use open application activity.


Can U Upload .Xaml File ?

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