Not able to find Form activities

Dear All,

I have updated my Uipath studio with Uipath.formactivities but am not able to find create form option in the activities panel.

Please help me in this regard.

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Hi , Did you follow the below link

I have done the same but still, am not able to find forms in activities column @vinay_reddy

@vinay_reddy Thanks it is working

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Yah is up now
That’s why it worked
Cheers @Syed_Kashif_Nasar

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HI , Please Mark the Solution as Solved, so the Thread will be closed .
Cheers Bro,

Happy Automation

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@vinay_reddy How should I do that. I am new here

Below to each reply of the post , you can see a check box with name ‘Solved’
you can check that check box on the Reply post of the topic

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