UiPath Forms - latest tutorials?


I want to build an app for users using the forms feature, however, all tutorials I found seem outdated - for example, they tell me to use “Create Form” activity, which doesn’t seem to exist?
Last post I saw was UiPath Create Form Activity missing? that no-one really answered.

I am having a tough time wrapping my head around how to build this workflow around this form, but all the tutorials I find look like nothing I can use.

I don’t understand how to connect any workflows with the form. How to do actions when “Submit” is hit, without closing the form, and all workflows I find in the documentation use unresolved missing activities…

I think it will soon get updated
For now I would recommend to look for other resources in YouTube something like this

Refer few other videos in UiPath forms from this channel as I have seen sometimes back

Hope this help

Cheers @AssociateDev

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Thanks for your reply.

So far I feel like this feature is way too buggy to use…

I think all the feedbacks are gathered and will be enhanced in future release


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