Not able to create folders in orchestrator

I have installed Orchestrator2020.10 trail enterprise edition in windows server machine.

  1. when am trying add robots in the orchestrator its showing the attached message and not showing add robots option in the folders.

  2. When i try to add folders its not showing option to select classic folder and modern folder

Hi @Srini.B
Can you please attach the error message again?

Hi @Srini.B. In Orchestrator 2020.10 we have disabled Classic Folders by default if you are installing a new Orchestrator instance, which is what you have done. For customers upgrading from an older version of Orchestrator then Classic Folders will be enabled.

If you want to use Classic Folders, please go to Tenant - Settings - General. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you should see a tick box that you can check to “Activate Classic Folders”.