Unable create classic folder to create new robot in Orchestrator

i am new user here. and community version using. but I am unable to create classic folder in new folder creation. actually i want to create Robot manually and I didnt able to create in modern folder

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On tenant level just go to folders and create one. Then you will see this option:

Dear Pawel,

If I create a new folder I don’t see the folder type

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

I’m sorry for my mistake. I forgot that Community Orchestrator is now only on modern folders.

So how can I now create a classic folder?

It’s not possible anymore. Classic folders concept is something what doesn’t fit from Active Directory perspective and for environment use case where Modern Folders fit ideally and still works for single users. As far as I know the concept of classic folders will be the only one in the future even to enterprise usage.
Here is nice tutorial which explains the concept better so you will see why Modern Folders are better:

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In the old Classis I was able to create a robot via a classic default folder. When I selected teh folder I saw the robot on top and I was able to create a robot from there.

In the new modern folder that robot icon is no longer available. How do I now create new Robots?

In modern folders actually you are the robot hehe :smiley:
I mean as every robot requires to have access to machine which will perform all the calculations and tasks it’s easier to consider robot as a user which have access to this computer.

In AD environment we are working only with users and computers. So in such environments administrators can create dedicated robot accounts (in fact those will be user accounts) and then include them in Orchestrator.

For single use as YOU are the user you just need to edit your account and fill out the required parameters:

then decide settings for attended and unattended robot

You can see that there is an option “Automatically create an attended robot for this user” which might interest you.

Then you will see you as a robot:

And you are ready to use this robot in your automations.
So as you see it’s the similar process but it’s combined with your user. In classic folders the robot was just an element without connection to anything. Like a placeholder with fancy name.

There is even simpler method to create robot. You can remove anything from orchestrator and just log in to tenant using UiPath Assistant. It should automatically create robot in tenant and combine it with our Robot/Studio.