Not able to close window after clicking on exit button

Hi Team

this window is not getting closed after clicking on exit button

How to approach this kind of issues


Hi @Sam_H ,

If the window is not getting closed even when tried manually then that is the issue with the application itself or maybe a irregular process step is followed.

If this occurs frequently, then a Check on the Next Screen when you close the Window would be helpful.

You could also check whether that particular screen is still available after exit click is performed. This can be done using Check App State/Element Exists Activity.

Hi @Sam_H

What was the problem you are facing?

Have you tried with Click Image activity.


Yes i have tried with image activity. but still same issue When I’m clicking on exit button its not getting closed

Hi @Sam_H can you try with close window activity for that particular window

If it is a Webpage you can try with Navigate activity @Sam_H

Close window not working its closing entire application

Are you able to close it manually?

yes i can able to close it manually

Dont no how to use this activity

Hi @Sam_H
Try with “delay before” property
AND wait for ready as “Complete”

Then try with this

  1. Use Click Activity

  2. In Properties pannel set both sendwindowmessage and simulateclick to false

If still not working then set cursor type to smoothly and alterifdisable to true

let me know if it’s working or not

Use Click activity and Enable the Simulate click option in the properties and check it. @Sam_H


Its not working

Also try of @Gokul001 combination

This one is also not working

@Sam_H ,

For Clarification, Could you confirm on this manually if it is possible ?

Also, Could you let us know what was the Selector used for the Clicking on Exit button.

@Sam_H could you provide the selector and workflow screenshot here

@Tapan_Behera1 @supermanPunch

@Tapan_Behera1 @supermanPunch