Click activity closes the entire application

I’ve created a sequence of clicks, where I open an windows application and I click one of the button on the screen using Click Activity. During execution, when the bot arrives to the Click event, the application closes or may be crashes can’t predict. without throwing any errors, However Click event seems to be not happening and I don’t see any response on User Interface.

I tried to debug by inserting other activities in between or after the particular click activity but seems to be the Click activity is not working and the application closes at the same point.

What could be the issue?


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Try to using Timeout milliseconds, Stimulate click and Wait for ready to complete in all of the Click Activities!


hi @pravin_calvin

Sorry I forgot to mention the click activity is within a check app state. do i still need a timeout setting?


Sorry I Didn’t see the tag Its StudioX

Looping @ppr @Yoichi @prasath17 Will Help you with this Case!


first action would be to rewire (indicate item) again the selector

hi @ppr

I indicated it for multiple times, in fact I deleted and recreated the same activity for many times but still the error remains

what type of application are you automating (Web, desktop, JavaForms based…)
Also have a look to the windows event manager entries. Maybe it will report some details on the failure

I’m using windows desktop application. there are no errors, its just that the application closes. but before that there is this popup that shows up


you checked also on Windows Events?

yes! I see no errors related in the windows event