Getting pop up "crome not closed properly", how to close it easily

Dear friends, im new to automation
i have used kill activity to close crome. next time when i try to run the process im getting crome not closed properly behind that pop up i have to click some fields which is not getting clicked.
anyone know the easy way to close that pop up

Hi @aslam_ali1

Try with Check App State activity and indicate that popup screen, inside target appears block use click activity to close the popup.


Check app state is used to check whether the ui element is found or not
If the target appears then do certain actions
If target does not appear then perform the other actions

check this link use of parallel activity handle more popups

“Keyboard shortcuts” record “control + w”

There are also options for not displaying the popup at all:

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hi @efelantti
first one didnot work. And without igcognito im trying

Hey @bigpeng , it is closing the entire chrome. i just wanted to remove popup

I just see your picture, its not UiPath‘s problem. TRY C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default —>open "Preferences“ with notepad—>control+f “exit_type”---->“NORMAL”—>save