Closing window in studioX

Hi All,

I dont see any option related to closing standalone application window in studioX. Could you please suggest any alternative ways to close window using studioX.


The only alternative I got till now is to go for Check App State to confirm the window exists then either click on the close button while using it inside Use Application
Using Hotkeys to close the application

Something like this:


in newer versions of StudioX we have enabled some Studio specific activities to be used. They are found under the developer section.

What can I say except that you might need some developer skills to properly use them. For example one might want to get a list of processes first ( using get Processes ) but this implies that you know how to parse a Collection of Processes in order to pass the target process to the kill process activity :slight_smile:

PS : The developer tab can be found by filtering the activities list

Cheers @kirankumar.mahanthi1