Not able to anchor UI element

Hi all,
I was not able to anchor UI elements in a webpage. I could not select any field IDs as it always takes the whole page. Also tried Web Recording but nothing works.
What would be the suggested solution?

Many thanks.

you can try use selection by imagem or location, and change your F3

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Is ensured that the Browser Extension is correctly installed

e.g. for Chrome:

Which Browser is used?

Hi @Reenka_M ,

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It might be that you haven’t installed the Chrome Extension for UiPath.
or If you’re automating inside a VM, the resolution of the VM isn’t set to Max.


Many thanks Aditya! I’m using Chrome and extension is fine. Working on local machine/laptop.

Thanks Petr. I’m using Chrome and extension was installed correctly.

The UI element is actually a button. Did you mean to select the button as image?

Hi @Reenka_M
please try after changing mode during selecting by pressing F4 button

maybe you can share some screenshots form your current modeling with us. We would check that working with modern design is not leading to misinterpretations e.g. use App/Browser need

Hi @Reenka_M

Can you try to use the browser’s developer tools to inspect the HTML structure of the webpage. This will allow you to identify unique attributes or classes associated with the UI elements you want to anchor. Look for elements such as IDs, classes, or other attributes that can help you locate and interact with the desired elements.


Yes, or you can use UiExplorer to refine your selector