Could not use a lot of UiPath activities in Chrome, but can use them in IE

I could not use a lot of the activities with Chrome such as Anchor Base, but I can use all activities with IE for the same web application automation. This web application automation works fine with IE, but I was asked to make it works with Chrome. But in Chrome, I have to use the cursor position to do all the works and could not get the text, label button etc. element selector information by clicking the elements on the web page like I did in IE. I just wonder this is the web browser issue or my web application? How to solve this issue?

Thank you very much for your help!


You can do in chrome, the same which you are in IE, All you need to do is install Google Chrome Plugin, and you are fine to go, For more details, check below

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Hi Ksrinu070184,

I think I did installed Chrome Extension. I installed it from UiPath Studio. After installation, I got below message.

I think I enable the extension as well. Below is the extension details. I use Uipath community edition 2019.10.4

Thank you very much for your help.