Non-Production license for cloned Virtual Server

Installer(.exe or .msi): msi

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Enterprise

Studio/Robot version: 2018.2

Current behavior: We do not use Orchestrator but have two robot licenses one used by each virtual server. We need to make a testing server (to test the upgrade to 2018.2 from 2018.1) so we cloned a production server to use for testing.

After stating UiPath Studio on the new testing server we are prompted for a license so I tried to use the community license but of course this doesn’t work since the Device ID is the same as the cloned production server it came from.

Question is how do I create a test server without paying for a production licence since I can’t use the community edition and I assume the two virtual machines can’t share one Enterprise license.

Why can’t you use the community edition?

Because the server was cloned so it is linked to the Enterprise it was cloned from. Even after re-installing UiPath it recognises it was once connected to an Enterprise license so you can’t then use the community edition.

which vm platform are you using? vmware?
you probably have to change the machine id / hardware guid/uuid of the vm at the time of cloning…alternatively, clone the machine before having installed uipath …in other words it isn’t really a uipath issue … try recloning and this time stay consistent in the licensing (don’t try to use community license)

To close the issue I contacted support and they suggest using System Preparation (Sysprep). Below link for more details.

I never received an answer on using test servers through. I assume we are just expected to use the community version on test servers since there seems to be no non-production license provided for this purpose.