UiPath Version

I’m using the community version but the license is changed constantly.
I didn’t touch anything about it but the license is automatically changing.
I have no license of Enterprise but I’m using enterprise version now because of the change of uipath self.
And maybe it will be changed to community version tomorrow.
Why this problem exist?

@jhj3627, no ways :thinking:, are sure you downloaded and installed the community version?

@loginerror, maybe you would understand this better.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m using Enterprise trial version.
But why did my UiPath changed to community license constantly?
Of course now my UiPath is Enterprise license but yesterday it was Community license.

@jhj3627, still does’nt make sense to me man, because the enterprise license will require you to install the enterprise version i do not think it would work on community, what i mean is these are different installation files all together. but maybe someone has a better undertanding and will explain to you what happened

Again, I did not install Enterprise server but I’m using enterprise trial orchestrator(maybe cloud). So I think I got the license from orchestrator.
Then why did my UiPath changed to community license constantly?
Anybody knows here?
Just bug?

Hi @jhj3627

This is most likely true. The Automation Cloud orchestrator instance will provide you a Community license, if you choose to license your Studio from Orchestrator.

However, if you don’t want this to happen, you can set your Robot in Orchestrator to honor the local Enterprise license, see here:

More about it here:


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