No more non production available. Please update your license

Why its shows like that while creating the robot in orchestrator? Is that because of community edition or I have to update something for that?

Please provide solution on that…

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I think the type of robot should be Development. please check.



Yes, since the 2018.1 version, the two free Robots in Orchestrator CE are Development.

I’ve updated this post to make it more clear:

Hi team,

I am facing an issue with creating a robot with orchestrator.
I updated the license on today, but there are no any robots are available.
Please provide a solution.

Hi @lasithdilshan20, please check again and let us know if the problem was solved. We deployed 18.2.0 in the meantime and there were some changes in the licensing view.

Was this fixed? I’m having the same problem.

Nope, still we are facing the same issue

Thanks mate. It resolved the issue. I guess, it is because in the training the NonProduction environment is selected, most people make this mistake. But nonetheless, because of people like you, we are all able to resolve them quickly.


I am also facing same issue in 18.2.3