Could not connect to uipath robot service issue


2019.10.4 version is already installed and i need to upgrade to 2021.4 version so i installed that also .So, both are on same system now.
As per my observation there initially there was robot and now there is uipath assistant.
when i am trying to run any script from new 2021.4 version it is giving me could not connect to uipath robot error.
why it is happening ? i have checked robot service is also running.
please help me to solve the issue.

i guess this robot service is of my 2019.10.4 version but not able to see new version robot assistant here.

Sure, UiPath Robot service version must match Studio version.


yes , why my uipath assistant of 2021.4 is not visible here? in services

Because it is not a windows service :slight_smile:

so what i have to do ? if i uninstall my previous version then will get visible ?

1/ remove prev version robot service
[old version root]\UiPath.Service.Host.exe uninstall

2/ install new version robot service
[new version root]\UiPath.Service.Host.exe install
[new version root]\UiPath.Service.Host.exe start

3/ start new version of Studio, Assistant will automatically with Studio


Ok , i will try and let you know

Just one qury,
you are saying to uninstall prev version robot means to uninstall prev studio version right?
and to install new version robot , which i already installed with studio , robot is auto installed in app data folder so, i just need to start from services right ?

No, you do not need to UNINSTALL prev release. You just need to uninstall robot SERVICE (UiPath.Service.Host.exe) installed with prev version and replace it by current version of the SERVICE.

Each release is comming with new version of robot SERVICE. And installed version of robot SERVICE must match version of studio - otherwise studio stops with error.