Next Page Issue

I am trying to do a data scrape of a site with multiple pages. I am setting everything up according to plan but the results only show the first page… Any ideas on how to make sure UI Path selects data from all pages? Thanks in advance!

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When you do a scrape, the wizard normally asks if there are multiple pages and then you have to indicate the element that will move to the next page. Do you recall doing that step? Also, can you provide your workflow for us to look at?


I selected the option for multiple pages and it goes to page 2… However that is where is stops and my excel output only shows results from page 1.

Can you check the number of items limit in properties?
Usually it will be 100, change it to 0 so that it gets all ( 0 for infinity or all)

I have it set to 0

Can you check the selectors for page 1’s next button and page 2’s next button ?
May be it’s trying to search next button but selectors might got dynamic.

Hi @Genglyone

The selectors or Data Scraping xml might need to be improved as it might not be reading the proper fields on the second page.