Data Scraping multiple page issue

Hello. I use the data scraping activity to capture data. There are 25 data in one page and there are 100 pages in total. but in order to see all the data on a page and to press the next button, it is necessary to go to the end of the page. so I can’t get the data and I can’t go to other pages
can anyone help me please ?


Hello, can you clarify your question? when this happens? I mean, you get the first and second row… than click on the next button? And to have all the data, you put “0” instead of “100”…

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well,I created data scraping, I determined the next button.but there is a problem on the website where I get the data.
as soon as the web page opens, all the data and the next button are not visible when scrolling down the page, the data and the next button appear.for this reason, the robot cannot go to the next page and cannot get the data.


Must be something with the selectors… Can u use a Debug Mode, and share the Errors?

does not give any errors. it creates excel file as if it had get the data. but excel is empty


Ok, is it possible to share the website?