Data Scraping, second page data's not Scraping

Hello Everyone!

I have one problem using Data Scraping… I do not have the next button, instead, I have an arrow key.
Its capturing only second-page remaining pages data’s are not scraping.

please help to solve the issue. i have attached my screenshot.


Welcome to our uipath community.

You need to indicate that next greater than > symbol here.

Thank you @lakshman.

I indicated > symbol only. But its fetching only 2nd page, It’s not fetching 3rd and 4th pages.

@yogavalli, for each page number, there will be index value, 1,2,3, etc…
please identify index number and make it parameter in a loop.

Thank You @rkelchuri.

Can I get any example for this. It will helpful for me.

Thank you

Please read one page selector and paste it hear. we will guide you

Hello rkelchuri,

Could you please find me below attachment.


“<htmlwindowname=‘adapters’ title=‘Administration’ /><webctrl aaname='Page '”+Count.toString+"’: Adapters*’ tag=‘IMG’ />"

use above selector in the filed and make sure you have a generic variable Count.toString declared in your work flow and do increment if from 1 to till end of the page.

Hello Rkelchuri,

Sorry for giving you trouble…

I am unable to edit the selected option, after editing the selector option its automatically changing old value.


after editing command its changing like this way…


If close this selector editor and select the activity.
copy the selector what i gave you and paste in the following properties at selector. Before paste copied selector, you have to click on the selector edit box and paste inside.
please make sure you delete existed selector first and then paste new selector inside the edit box.

Thank you @rkelchuri,

I have attached below my UIPath command properties. it’s not working fine for me.
Could you please check my screenshot and guide me where i am doing the mistake.