Multiple Pages Data Scraping

Hi, i have some issues doing multiple page data scraping.

Steps i taken so far.
1). Using “Data Scraping Wizard”
2). Indicated “0” unlimited results
3). Checked that mouse is clicked on the correct next page “button”
4). Manually click on site to makes sure there is actually more than 1000+ pages.
5). Button is still the same after page 5

Issues i have met
1). Data is scrapped only from first launched page 1 to page 5. After that, goes into the last page when there is over 1000++ pages available

Hi @Tommie_Too

have you already checked you “Next Button” selektor? Maybe it is not reliable…

It shouldn’t be this issue, while i was watching UiPath running, i can see the browser going from page 1 to page 5, but on the next jump it goes to the last page, which in this case is page 102.

Just tried on another website, similar issue.
This time, start going from 1 - 4 thn stop at page 5, scrapping the data into my Excel.
Additional error, data does not get scrapped from 3-5. The only data shown on my excel are from pages 1 to 2. Though, visually i can see browser browsing from 1 - 5 and stopping.