Data scraping multiple pages not working

My robot only scrapes the first page of a search result. I have pointed to the “Next” arrow but it does not work. This is my “NextLinkSelector” value: “”
The data scraping wizard made that…

This is the site im trying to scrape:
This is the next arrow: image

How can I debug this?


Does the robot click it the arrow? Or it doesn’t even click the next arrow?

use this for next selector:
<webctrl id='PageLinkNext' tag='A' />

It does not click the arrow no

Thanks. I tried your solution but it did not work. The bot only scrapes the first page and does not click the arrow.

when I run the robot it scrapes 40 results

did you try that selector alone in a simple click? maybe it cant click when not visible?


I started from scratch and now it goes to page 2 BUT it still does not scrape the date fraom page 2, 3 ect…

This is the sequence: Sequence.xaml (9.8 KB)

Is there any values im missing or something? In the inputbox I search for “hansen” (without ") as that gives several of pages. Note that it saves the csv files in a folder named “Rapporter”

Well i dont think it is you, something is wrong and it is preventing it from going further than page 2… i would remove the next link selector and create a loop with the manual click to next page myself put a try catch to stop when it dont find the next it will be over…

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Okay thanks alot.

Im very new to uipath but I will look into loop. Hope I can do it!

Again thanks

No problem, if you go into too deep waters we help!