New way of communicating with application - Type Into

Just an idea to consider. If application do not allow to communicate with Chromium, Simulate or SendWindowsMessage I have to use Hardware events. That’s clear.
As a workaround I could save to clipboard some text and then use send hotkey Ctrl+v (Keyboard shortcuts in modern) with selector directing to some field.

This workaround is useful with longer text and it saves time.

Maybe you could prepare Type into with new option “Paste”?
In that case text would be send to desired location with usage of clipboard and Ctrl+v. It would work the same way as hardware events, but with fixed order:

  • set to clipboard text from normal property as it is now in Type Into
  • send hotkey ctrl+v (instead typing text down) to declared selector
  • clear clipboard

Additionally it could use normal “Empty field” option as it is now. With workaround I have to code it as well.

Why not just use Computer Vision?

Computer Vision require UiPath service as far as I remember. I have java application installed on VM and robot is installed on that VM so I have selectors available and I don’t need to use OCR or image automation.

As example:
String with length: 207 characters
Type Into method (Hardware events): 8 sec
Ctrl+v method: 7 sec

Both tested in debug mode. There is difference in speed and longer the text is then the difference is bigger.

Depends, you can use the UiPath service or run the service locally.
If you are doing speed comparisons try it out. I imagine it will be similar or slower as I didnt realize speed was your main concern and thought you were worried about reliability.

No, both solutions are reliable :slight_smile:

I was thinking only about speed and I wated suggest to UiPath some idea. I dont’t if it’s good. Definitely it is not must have.

Thats why I posted to feedback forum section

Yeah, I see the scenario abit more clearly now. With very very long text its going to take a long time to type out without it, but pasting works.

Maybe rather than extending the ‘Type Into’ this would be better suited to a new ‘Paste Into’ Activity which does the steps you indicate. You could have it use the current clipboard if the input argument for ‘Text’ is blank and put the text onto the clipboard if you provide a string to it.

That could be good as well :wink: So basically UiPath could copy paste type into but instead simulating keys for text it would only copy to clipboard input string argument, send hotkey ctrl +v for and then clear clipboard :slight_smile:


@Yameso I took your suggestion into the backlog for assessment and prioritization. Thank you, Gheorghe

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