Type into activity too slow

Hi there! I need a message to be written, however the type into activity is too slow and is taking more than 2 minutes. A copy/paste activity exists? Or is there another solution?

Hi @Carvalho_Vini

Try setting the Delay between Keys property to 0



Use the Set Text activity instead of the Type Into activity.** The Set Text activity is a bit faster than the Type Into activity, because it doesn’t have to simulate the actual typing process.
Use the Copy and Paste method.** You can use the Set to Clipboard activity to copy the message to the clipboard, and then use the Send Hotkey activity to paste it into the text field. This is the fastest way to type a message.
Set the DelayBetweenKeys property to a lower value.** The DelayBetweenKeys property controls the amount of time that UiPath waits between each keystroke. By setting this property to a lower value, you can speed up the typing process.


In type into activity properties panel change the input type to simulate and it will work fast.

Hope it helps!!

There’s no way it should take 2 minutes. Is it a really long string?

Anyway, try Set Text.


  1. Use the “Set to Clipboard” activity:
  • Set the “Text” property of the “Set to Clipboard” activity to the message you want to write.
  1. Use the "Keyboard shortcuts/send hotkey"activity:
  • Place the “Keyboard shortcuts/send hotkey” activity in the target application or text field where you want to write the message and give Ctrl+V to paste it

There is no Paste from Clipboard activity. You use Keyboard Shortcuts and CTRL+V

yes I forgot to update point two. Thanks for highlight

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