How I can paste the text inside text-inputs instead of typing it?

I am reading an excel file for inputs and then passing that inputs to the website forms, the input is very long so I am using Hardware events because Chromium API is not working for larger inputs, which is making the process slow.

So is there a way that I can directly paste the inputs into text inputs, instead of typing them?


Try using simulate

If not assign value to clipboard

Then use click on the firld and then send hotkeys ctrl+v


Hi @Sami_Rajput

Try using “Set Text” activity. Indicate the element where you want to paste the text and pass the input that you are taking from excel.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Sami_Rajput

Instead of using Hardware events use the simulate as input mode for open application/browser activity and for all the type into activities.

It will help to enter the data faster than usual.

Hope it helps!!

In UiPath you can give value by 3 methods:
Type Into activity which is writing character by character.

Set Text Activity where simulation is not available but you can paste all the text in one short.

Use Set to clip board activity and give it your string.
Then use Shortcut key activity or send hot key and set keys as ctrl+v.( paste)

In selector option give selector of web field where you want to paste.


you can use the “Set Text” activity with the “SimulateType” or “SendWindowMessages” property enabled. These options allow you to paste the text into the text input field, bypassing the need for typing and making the process faster.

  • After adding the “Set Text” activity, you’ll find the “SimulateType” and “SendWindowMessages” properties in the properties panel.
  • Set either “SimulateType” or “SendWindowMessages” property to True. These options allow you to perform the paste operation without actually typing each character

@mkankatala @raja.arslankhan @Parvathy

Used the set text activity, didn’t get any errors but it is not pasting any thing also.

Have you tried with changing the Input method option to Simulate for Type into activity.
It will enter the data very fast in simulate. Try with it. @Sami_Rajput

Yeah with simulation it’s working fine, if chromium Api is enabled.

But I was just exploring the option of copy-paste.

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Okay then what the problem you are facing with the Set text activity.

Check the below link to know more about the set text activity.

Hope it helps!!

it is not throwing any exception, the process finishes without pasting anything inside textbox

Hi @Sami_Rajput

Can you show the properties of type into activity

Give a try with the other website you have given in the Chatgpt website I think.

Use this set text in the typing fields in any website. Then check. @Sami_Rajput