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Hi, my robot has a long text to type and it takes a very long time to type it, is there any method to speed up the additional text?

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Hi @sullivanne ,

Could you modify the Properties of the Type Into activity to enable Simulate and check if it works faster ?


@sullivanne Try by using set text activity.

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Use the Set Text activity instead of Type Into. Another option would be to use Set to Clipboard to put the text into the Windows clipboard, then Click to put the cursor into the text box, then Keyboard Shortcut CTRL+V to paste the text in.

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here are alternative methods to speed up text input in UiPath:

  1. Opt for the Set Text Activity: Consider using the Set Text activity instead of Type Into. Set Text is faster because it doesn’t simulate actual typing; it directly sets the text.

  2. Utilize Copy and Paste: You can employ the Copy and Paste method. First, copy the text using the Set to Clipboard activity, and then paste it into the target field using the Send Hotkey activity. This approach is one of the quickest ways to input text.

  3. Adjust the DelayBetweenKeys Property: Speed up typing by reducing the DelayBetweenKeys property value. This property governs the time UiPath waits between each keystroke. Lowering this value accelerates the typing process.

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