How can i write faster in "Type Into" activities plz?

How can i write faster in “Type Into” activities plz ?

Hi @Soudios

Use click before typing as checked for type into and then it will type fast
Use Set Text Activity
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hey @Soudios
enable the “simulate type” propertie

Hi @Soudios

please find below screenshot type into activity in properties check simulate type.

Kommi Jeevan.

We got many options to do
—let’s go in the order of faster to slowest

—use Set to clipboard activity and pass the same input string that we pass to type into activity here as input
—then use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+v
This will paste the value from clipboard to the field we want to type
It’s more like copy and paste

  1. Type into activity with SIMULATE CLICK PROPERTY enabled or SET TEXT activity both has the similar performance

  2. Type into activity with SENDWINDOWMESSAGE property enabled

4.Type into activity with default settings like no simulate or sendwindowmessage property enabled

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Great post.
Question: Any idea what time difference is between 1 and 2? :slight_smile:

We can get to know more about that in this document

Cheers @JDK @Soudios