New users Group not working


Im kinda new to Cloud Orchestrator and I having problem with new Group not inheriting its roles to users in this group. I’ve created new group in admin panel. Then I did go to orchestrator tenant and add this group under manage access and added role to this group Robot role. If I check Group roles I see that role as been assigned. When I add robot account under this group I cannot see any role/permission under that account

Welcome to the UiPath community, @ToHe

Can you please share the screenshot of the page where you are adding the robot?

Below link might help.


It seems that problem is just for Robot Account in cloud for some reason if u create robot account in Admin section (Admin->Account and Groups-> Robot Account) it will not create Robot Account in (Orchestrator->Tenant setting → Manage Access) and u need to assign roles manually. The Group role will not be inherited. So this is issue with new “Robot Account” feature