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what rights does a user have to be “org. admin”?


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I hope you are using Community Cloud Orchestrator. By default ORG. ADMIN role will be assigned to the user who created account in Community Cloud Orchestrator. They can create new Tenant, Add new users/groups, Allocate/Deallocate licences etc…

Hi @lakshman

I had this right, I created account in Community Cloud Orchestrator, but then it dissapeared and I would like to know where to set it up again.
I am in the process of understanding how to set up permissions for users, groups,…

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Have a look below thread.


Click on tenant in the orchestrator then click on Roles tab there you can add account.

Hi @ghazanfar ,

my orchestrator looks like this:

with all roles selected…

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Now click on 3 dots to edit specific role and permission.

I did and selected all available roles… but still did not work.

This is done from the Cloud Portal and not within an Orchestrator Tenant.

  1. Admin > Accounts & Groups > Users
  2. Edit user
  3. Assign Administrators Group membership to the user.
  4. Click Save

Hi @codemonkee ,

but if you do not have admin rights, this page looks like this, even if you have created this account:

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Yes, so if you are the account without admin access you would have to have access to or get one of the other two accounts to provide it again.

Hi @codemonkee

yes, thx. I did it that way.

I only hope UiPath is not allowing that there are no accounts with “org.admin” rights.

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