Netsmart / MyAvatar Java


Has anyone out there done automations the EHR from Netsmart MyAvatar? We have had a very difficult time automating UI processes ie. data entry, Our version is java and even with the associated plug ins the data field are not recognized meaning we need to define the targets manually on the screen. We’ve also found that sequences written in studio do not run on the robot. The sequences just get totally lost due to the targets can’t be found.

Hi @kenneth.gilpin

What are the selectors you get when you try to indicate fields inside the app?
What is the tree structure of the app (Use UiExplorer for this)?
What version of Java is used to run the app?
What version of UiAutomation package is used?

The above question should answer if the app needs the Java extension. If it is needed and it’s not loaded properly, we can troubleshoot that using this page: Extension for Java. This may also be a case when everything is loaded fine but some accessibility features are not implemented in the target application for some specific controls.

Its Java 8, 1.8.0… Its odd, I get some selectors but the software uses many Java frames for content so if I try to select an item or link inside the frame, i just get the frame. I can use the selector to ‘outline’ items, and it does work but it seems very fragile. It will loose the target on some items occasionally and as I had mentioned when I try to run the sequence on another computer (ie. Robot machine and not Studio) it fails. Currently our V is 2020.10.2. I’ve also done some work in a ADP app that is also java but don’t have the same issues so it appears the Java extension and package is working properly. Thanks for your interest.

Can you share, even in private, some images and selectors for elements that are not so reliable? Is there any property on the screen or in the property explorer that could make them better? Also, do anchors help?