Installing Java Extension on Unattended Robot on server

Hello everyone,

I have recently been developing an automation for a customer in a java application, which runs very nicely. I am currently trying to run this automation on an unattended robot on our production server. The issue is that no ui-elements in the java application are recognized on the production server. I suspect this being due to the “Java Extension” missing on the server.

I have tried installing the java extension from the command prompt, which has been half successful. The extension was installed and everything is according to the checks on this guide:

Except the “.dll” from UiPath is not loaded when I open the java application. Very frustrating.

Recognizing ui-elements in java applications always works fine when I install the java extension via Studio. But the issue is that I don’t have a Studio license for the production server so I need to get the Java extension installed and working some other way.
Help would be very much appreciated!

More generally how to you handle dependencies on an unattended production robot without studio?

Encountering the same issue, would love to hear how this was resolved

Hi @slekve

It is possible to use Studio on target Robot machines using the licenses of the robots for debugging purposes (which means you could run the installer from Studio in this case).