Trying to Automate Xstore by Oracle, but the recorder is not mapping

I am trying to automate Xstore test cases with UiPath to check its feasability, but the App recorder or computer vision, is not mapping the icons/buttons or any selectors properly. Can someone help with this?

P.S : tried changing resolution of the Xstore app, but same result.


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if its oracle…may be does it run on java?

if yes then try to install the java extension before indicating



Yes I did, But still I am facing the same issues.


Did you configure it properly?

for java 9 and above there are additional steps needed…are those done as well?


I read the further instructions, buts its a bit complex.

" Add the previously created folder to the classpath of the target Java application. This is done with the -cp, -classpath command. For this example, we consider SwingSet2 the target Java application:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.9.0_xx \bin\java.exe -cp SwingSet2.jar;C:\UiPathJavaExt\* -Djavax.accessibility.assistive_technologies=UiPathJavaServiceProvider SwingSet2

If the application is started via a .bat or a .ps1 file, then the file must be analyzed with a text editor. The file that starts the application contains a line similar to the command java -jar SwingSet2.jar, but also includes many other parameters."

Can you explain this?
I have created a folder and put the required files in it, but ow to proceed.
Also target application is a Batch File.


How are you starting your application ? it is only for jar or ps1 type…did you perform other steps?


Yes, I performed the other steps stated below Java 9 and above

Is there any video tutorial or better step by step explanation available?