Java Application Automation

Hi Friends,

I’m unable to identify/ get selector for Java based Application.
Even i have installed extension for Java & enabled Java access bridge.
Also, i’m getting same error while automating one of ERP application by Calypso .
Let me know if you have any idea .

Thanks in advance


Hello @skkumar2020,

If activity is unable to get selector then try to use uiexplorer.


Thanks @Pankaj.Patil.

Even i tried the same. But UiExplorer fails to identify form controls other than title bar of the application.
Let me know if you have any other solution

Shree Krishna

Hello @skkumar2020,

If we cant fetch selector from element then we would not automate it. if somebody knows help @skkumar2020.


hi @skkumar2020,

I hope you have tried in forum with other threads discuss about Java application automation. If not try this, even after going thru all the threads you can try with the keyboard automation. The below threads also has link on troubleshooting the java applications. Hope it gives some insight.

@balramrv, the link you provided don’t seem to be working

Please try this - UiPath and Java


My issue resolved after updating Java bridge

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