Cant find ui element in application, used to work before but after update it stopped working

Hello i have a robot that extracts some fields from a application on my pc. On friday it suddenly stopped working. Now it cant find elements inside the application, it just indicates the entire application instead.
I have tried installing the java extension again, update plugins etc but with no success.

Would appreciate alot if someone has the answer

Hi @langsem Did you try restarting the studio


Did you have any recent upgrade of java from 8 to 9?

Please check this…there are few additional steps we have to do for java9


Thanks for suggestion, but I am afraid it did not work

Yes several times


If you expand the visual tree are you seeing any elements?

if yes then you can right click and set as target


It cant find the elements, thats the main problem it dont recognize it


Did you try expanding the visual tree on the left top of the ui explorer as well?

And when you installed java…you added class path and all properly?

Added the required jar files to the application folder…


This is what i get from explorer, is not showing me the elements i need