Need to perform task to get value from website

Task need to perform:
1.Read data from excel file.
2.Open particular website and perform login.
3.Search the data which was readed from excel file.
4.Get the data from website and store it back in the excel file.(The data which we want to get can be single value, multiple value or no value.)

Hi, can you provide some details as to what issue you are facing? This seems to be a pretty standard process to automate. You can find tutorials online to explain this kind of process.

Hi @KM1996
I am not able to perform point no. 4. Can you please help me with it.

This can be done with Data Scraping using UiPath. Please look at the following links to better understand it. I’m sure you can perform this step based on the information and examples shared:

Hi @KM1996
Thanks for the help but still I am facing that issue.

Unless you provide specifics it will be difficult to ascertain what issue you are facing!