Very basic question about web scraping

I’m new to UiPath and I’ve just tried to run the web scraping tutorial as shown in this link:

It all went ok, but as the tutorial ends with " Lastly, all the scraped information is stored in a DataTable variable, that you can later use to populate a database, a .csv file or an Excel spreadsheet."

So, where is that data table? And how can I export it to Excel or csv?

Thanks for helping!

  1. Create a variable (in tab Variable) with type System.Data.DataTable (e.g. dtData)
  2. Input this variable into the property Output:DataTable of this activity
  3. To write data to excel, you need to use Excel Application Scope to open the excel file, then user Write Range with Input:DataTable = dtData (your created variable)

@nuno.nogueira I would strongly advise you to take the free trainings of UiPath. (RPA starter or RPA Developer). It will give you a good start and insight of what you can do with it. There are plenty examples in the courses.

Thank you Doanh, it all seems incredilby COMPLICATED to do. I think I’ll have to find a tutorial for web scraping somewhere and figure it out.