Need to know visualcron Activity can achieve in UiPath

Hi Team,

i can trigger few process in Visualcron so now i need to achieve in UiPath
Can you People PLEASE GUIDE ME

Like this is an one job done and i need to run this job daily so iam trigger in the visualcron Like this

AS Like same we can able to achieve this in uipath ?

How to start the process in UiPath now

I think scheduling jobs is now only possible with Orchestrator.

Previously you could do it through Windows Task Scheduler, but that feature has been disabled.

hi @Bolletje

i don’t need to schedule the process here

what are the task i created in visualcron i can able to achieve in uipath i need to know so above screenshot are sample task in visualcron that task can be possible in uipath ?

Like in visualcron : command,Argument as we pass As same as in uipath were we need pass and what activity we need to set here !!

can anyone help here !!

Will Start Process or Open Application work?

Otherwise you can always execute PowerShell code.

Hi Team

this thing how we can achieve in uipath ?

i tried and making an attempt here :
see my xaml file screenshot here !!!

My first work is to start the job 0 only after finish that only i need to start the next below task here ?

so how can i know here whether my first task “job 0” is completed or not ?
any activity is there to find out that here ?

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Any one can help regarding this issues ?

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hi Team
@ovi @Bolletje

while execute the xaml file throws an error as :

Any idea about this error ?


Any idea for this error i am facing this each and every time i am running a xaml file here ?