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Hello all,

I’m using UiPath community edition studio.
As we all are using Orchestrator for scheduling our tasks on daily Or monthly basis, but if I want to run a process on specific time for just once on that current day, I have to follow all those steps on Orchestrator i.e from publishing my workflow to adding machine details on it and so on. what if there’s an option “schedule a task” (like in enterprise version), it’ll be convenient to schedule a process for one time only.


Hello @samir

I am not sure my solution will work for you or not

If you want to run the process once in a day at a particular time you can use windows scheduler to do that job.


If using orchestrator can you not use Cron- Expression?

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Hi @samir

Could you elaborate (maybe visually) how you would see your idea? I am not quite sure I get it.
Especially the part “like the Enterprise version”.

You’re right @Ajju , but I’m talking about this…

@loginerror, I’ve got this from kb-articles. Here’s the link —>

So, if possible can we get this feature in community edition. Then, it’ll be convenient to schedule a process for one time.

Those kb articles are a bit outdated. The feature has been deprecated, but it might come back :slight_smile: We will see I guess.

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Sure :+1:, we’ll see.
Thank you, for your thoughtful response. @loginerror :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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Thanks for considering this. @Pablito

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