Any workaround to run UiPath community edition 2019.9.2 from task scheduler?

I have already tried a batch file where the first argument is robot.exe_Path and second argument is XAML.path, however this doesn’t works for version 2019.9.2.

Any suggestion for a workaround can be highly appreciated.!!

Are you trying to perform this when user session is logged in?

Yes, user session is logged on.

@ANSHUL Are you trying to trigger bot in task scheduler?

If user session is logged on you can just put robot to windows autostart so it will run on each user’s logon.

no im running from a batch file directly, like say double click, or via command line call the batch.
Ultimately i have to add it to scheduler.

need to add it to windows scheduler for an hourly run, tks.

@ANSHUL Uipath wont support windows scheduler in an earlier days we was able to schedule by using windows scheduler but now it wont support.You can schedule but uipath wont give any guaranty

But you don’t need to open Robot.exe on every run. It can be opened once and stay in the background the whole time. Then using task scheduler you just need to point the project to be opened by it.

And just for remind. We are not supporting use of task scheduler. It’s better to use Orchestrator for such tasks.