@Task Scheduler activities

Hi Team,

Trying to schedule using windows task scheduler activities launched by UiPath.
Unable to trigger the workflow, Please let me know how to achieve it?
I need schedule one process for every 30 minutes.

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UIpath team deprecated those activities and no more we can use it. We have to orchestrator to do this.

You can use the

this package for scheduling your process.

once you download the package in your studio ,
you should use the Task Scheduler Scope where you can see two sequences

  1. Triggers
  2. Actions

in triggers, you mention the repetitive trier (in your case) and give the time of interval in the property panel.

In action you should bring your xaml file or you can give the script as well.

Hi baisilgee,

I have tried this adding the trigger and referring the steps but still not executing.
Could you send me the working sample if you have so that it is useful

If you are launching UiPath Project from Task Scheduler, Take into account limitations on Community Version to launch automatically processes without supervision.