Trigger UiPath worlfow Using C#

Hi there,

Im using Community version of UiPath. Need to schedule my UiPath robot to run on a daily basis. Anyone has any suggested on how to do it. Since I cant use Orchestrator.

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Hi @vini93,

You can use windows - Task Scheduler app to do the same.

Check this link for more details on the same.

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C# feature is now in experiment
So I hope we will be soon able to use c# method
But apart from that we got only orchestrator way of scheduling the process as that is more reliable and easy
Even if you don’t have a orchestrator installed we can make use of this cloud platform to trigger the process at scheduled way
Where you can login with common authentication with gmail username and it’s password
Once after that click on SERVICES tab where we will be able to see the tenant name and click in it whip will take us to the orchestrator page

Cheers @vini93

Hi buddy
This feature is deprecated and no longer supported.

Cheers @vini93 @sarathi125

Thank you for the suggestion @sarathi125. Its not available in current version of UiPath.

Is this coming after the process getting executed in schedule or may I know where it is coming

Cheers @vini93

Hi @Palaniyappan

I have tried using orchestrator. It threw error as per shown below. Is it because mine is a community version?

@Palaniyappan The error occurs in my orchestrator. Under my Jobs. Comes once the process starts to execute.

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Hello @vini93 please go to the and the licenses tab to see how many free licensed robot you have. As far as I know community users have a default number of 2 dev bots.


Also please check in the Robot tray if your Robot is connected to the Orchestrator

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Fine may in know which robot type you are using
Kindly choose unattended robot type while creating robot

Cheers @vini93

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Yes @Palaniyappan. I did use Unattended robot

Is the robot connected to the Orchestrator?

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Yeap.It is

I found this, seems like a similar issue:
A local license is required

Double check if you’ve done all the steps as shown by @Mr_Meeseeks
We’ll try to troubleshoot further if yes.

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Hi I did follow all the steps. Its all connected.

I need to schedule my process now.

We can do that in schedule tab in orchestrator
Did we try that
And is the studio installed with the steps recommended as here

Cheers @vini93

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Hello @vini93, first you have to publish your process/workflow to the Orcehstrator via Studio. After publishing the process, select the process you wish to run via the Automations tab -> Process

After uploading your process you can set a schedule for it via the “Triggers” option.

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