Need Suggestion on my approach of Automation

Hi Experts,

I am automating an application where for every transaction I have to open SAP and fetch some data eg. Emailid from SAP systems.

Issues with SAP :

  1. Since there are SAP systems with different versions , In some I am able to get The Direct Selector of Emailid , using getText I get that email - Best scenario for me :slight_smile:

  2. For some The selector is not available, UI Explorer is not able to identify element , Tried changing the Ui Framework - No Help - Here I am using Image Automation , using Scrape Relative fetching Email. - works Fine till here.

3.Now I have encountered some SAP systems’s - where UIpath selectors are not working , bot moves to look for Image email but fails , because email label is now E-Mail or EMailAddress. So image Fails.

How I handled ?

Look for Email selector
Look for Email Image and scrape.
look for E-Mail Image and Scrape

This works for me as of now , Not satisfied with the implementation though.

Any better approaches ,Please suggest.

Hi how about element exists


I think if there are no selectors and you don’t know/are allowed SAP scripting you can go with Computer vision and scrape the text required. :slight_smile:

Try catch approach is also good, but CV works better than just image automation.

Try and let me know :slight_smile:

I don’t have the valid selector , Hence have to deal with image automation and using ImageExist instead of element exist , but now image is changed . So have put them in try catch and other catch

Wasn’t aware of the option of computer Vision , Let me research … Thanks :blush:

Hi @mukeshkala

Try Either find image or Find Children activity

Ashwin S

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