Selector issue in SAP, Element gets identified, on validating it fails

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I’m working on automating an SAP process, all the prerequisites have been achieved and checked and bot works fine.
For one of the business scenario, the location of the desired element in the SAP navigation panel goes to lower position (but visible on screen). This particular element, in different business scenario, when appears in upper locations is easily identified using the selectors and bot processes fine.
The issue is, when this element goes at lower position to identify or indicate element using UiExplorer it generates a selector and shows as valid selector, but if I click validate without changing any of the selectors/ properties it gets failed and throws error UiElement is no longer valid message.
Due to this the valid business scenario is marked as exception since the element is not getting identified even though it is available and visible on screen.

Any suggestion/help is highly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.


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Can we try with anchor base activity! which don’t require the selectors inside the anchor use find element activity inside the action use your click/type in to action.

This might work in this case.



Hi @ani2692

If the Application throws a warning or error in the below corner you need to close and move to next steps is the task is like this ?

Try with Text exist and indicate on that error or try with the whole screen and pass the error text like first word or something like that


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what you can do is you can scroll to a position where bot will be able to identify even if it is at top or bottom

hope this is useful

Hi @Sudharsan_Ka,

Thank you for your suggestion, but it seems I was unable to explain issue clearly.
To summarize issue in short, Element is not not found, even though it exists and visible on screen. And not able to create selector because the selector gets failed immediately after indicating the element using UiExplorer.

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I faced somewhat similar kind of issue some time ago so for this we changed the approach and used hotkeys whereas in your case you are dealing with element exists I believe so hotkey approach might not be useful. Try removing the SAP and UI Automation packages from the code close the studio open again and again download the packages.