Lesson 12 workflows files SAP try and catch

Hello everyone.
Am looking into Lesson 12 foundation training and following the workflow documentation lesson for the SAP try and catch attached herewith. Lesson 12 - Debugging and Exception Handling - Workflows.zip (98.0 KB) .
In the Try section I was able to Edit the selector to point to the right login icon. However, it throws an error in the type into email when the login screen pops out. I tried to rectify this by editing the selector again but it can’t detect the type into textbox. as shown in the attached image here.

. It treat the whole pop up window as an image. Kindly assist how to make uipath detect the type into input box.

Second question.

  • How can I in general detect that a message box has popped up in web automation. same like the screenshot given with no image or element to detect.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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Hi Buddy @mozahra

For this use Send hot key activity with key as tab and use n number of send hot keys activity until we reach the field we want to reach
–Then use type into activity with the value we want to type
this is similar to the way we work on citrix with keyboard instead of mouse

Then for this

use Image exists activity if its a image or use Element exists activity if we are able to select that popup as element and the output of these two activities will be a variable of type boolean
if its true the image appears or element appears
or if its false it doesnot appear
simple buddy

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @mozahra

The focus is directly on the input box email and adding a hot key will move it to the next text box.

@Palaniyappan there is no image or element inside the message box. please check my screen shot.

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Fine, if the focus goes directly to the Email field then we can directly use the type into activity that would work for sure
but make sure that type into activity is placed within a attach window activity by choosing this window as a element

Cheers @mozahra

Hi @Palaniyappan
Am attaching it herewith after modifying as per your suggestion. However, its didn’t type neither in the email / password text boxes. Can you kindly check it and assist.

Lesson 12 - Debugging and Exception Handling - Workflows.zip (650.7 KB)

I would appreciate if you have time to answer this as well.


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@mozahra Please check below attached file. I have modified your workflow it is working fine now.

Lesson 12 - Debugging and Exception Handling - Workflows.zip (41.5 KB)

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Hello @mozahra
if you saw Lesson 12 the first thing is enable to GUI script to detect selector on SAP Application.
i suggest to first enable GUI script then all element is detect in SAP Application

For Second Question
Use IE Browser because of Chrome browser has problem with Pop up


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Hi @Manjuts90 . the issue still persist in the try block where the type into for email and passowrd is not typing anything. Thanks in advance.

Thanks sandeep13. However, my question is general how to detect that a message box with no image only ok button has popped up for any reason.

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Hello @mozahra
if you use IE browser. you can easily detect message box same way you detect any other element on the web page.


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I figured out where is the issue. I set a Delaybefore to 3 seconds as the textbox didn’t load before that.
Thanks all for your support


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