My Trial pack expired and i am currently not working so cannot provide company email id, can anyone help how to solve this

I have used Trial Pack and it got expired.
While renewal , the system is asking for Company email id.
But currently i am not working and so cannot provide any company email id.

I have completed my foundation certification and was in mid of the training.

Can anyone please help for this issue.

You can renew Community License here -

It will not ask for Company email. Community Edition is for Training, Education and learning purpose only

Thanks . Do i need to delete my earlier version?

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No you dont need to

Got below error … please guide for device id


You filled that form for renewal? Try to reinstall also if you are using CE you can directly install Beta Version from here

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Thanks Prankur but i am still getting same error. Basically i am unable to edit device id to
HID\VID_1C4F&PID_0034&REV_0110 which might be creating issue

You cannot edit Device ID why do you want to do that? It is mapped with License

Oh ok … But then i am still getting license error

Okay please wait for 10-15mins uninstall your current setup and reinstall new one

Ok Prankur… I will do the same and get back if still an ssue

I tried the renew and install steps now again, but still the same error…

Hi @amitsa,

Follow this link: UiPath
Paste your device ID, into the website’s device ID field and put the company name as your maybe college or something a place you currently work at or worked for and you can put in your personal email address as well.

See if that works.

Or try this:

See this once

Hi prankurjoshi…I have checked the error i got with the solution provided by you.

As per the solution i need to raise a request to the support team.

I tried doing that but again the business email id is asked while the request and so i am blocked again as i cannot provide company id.

@amitsa - If you are using Enterprise edition then you will get Email Support. However for now for CE users this forum works as Support Team. Also do make sure that emailIDs are same when you first install the Studio and while you are renewing CE license.

OK. So in my case i have used my company email id first while i installed Studio but now i cannot use it for CE License? This was my first question in this mail chain wherein the if not working what should be the email id for renewal process?

I would request you not to use Company Email ID for Community Edition. If you want a Community Edition request one from your personal Email and Activate the same.

Community Edition is available for Education and Individual Learning purposes.

See this

Please see below steps followed and the error i got


Downloaded the Edition…







I thin what I have understood so far is your device id is already mapped to a different emailID in the database and that needs to be changed. Read this

you might need to contact support team to unlock your device id from previous email