Not able to activate free licence key

Installer( .msi):

License type(Free, Trial/License code):

Studio/Robot version:Latest

Current behavior:


On my Laptop, first I have activated Uipath with option ‘Start Free Community Edition’ and used for one day.
After that I got the license key(free trial for 60 days), uninstalled it on my laptop and installed again to activate it with free trial license key.
But I am getting below error, please fix it…

Activation failed with error: 0
Error description: No Error
License status: Subscription Expired

Device ID: emooZ1xDDlYt8DlQCXlR
Computer: #####
User Name: #####


You cannot activate your Community License on the same device that was previously activated with the Trial.
You will find more information here under the header:
Device Id already activated, trial not allowed after code activation

There should be some solution as its not done intension.

Try to contact support with that issue and explain your trouble. It might just work.

@loginerror is right. Based on the error message it seems that the Trial key is expired. Did you receive it by email? Contact support to check your code and figure out what happened: Contact Technical Support

Hi guys i got the mail without the trail code what should i do…?

hey guys sorry i got it but it wan in invisible. I’ve opened in web mode then it can visible thanks.

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I have the same problem, i.e. unable to renew CE, please help me.

Device ID : spr5lNruuePYP/cm4sjN

Hi @RanjanDey

Please follow the guide from the banner topic to solve the issue: