Uipath Platform Trial version - licence renewal

Installer(.exe or .msi):

License type(Free, Trial/License code): 386739670108125708

Studio/Robot version: 2018.1.4

Current behavior: Need to renew the licence. But the problem is when i raise a sales request, i cant use the company email as i am no more in that company. I can only use my gmail but the system doesnt allow me to use personal email id. Please help.


hi @basanti_r

Yes, the ticketing support is only available to the enterprise customers. You can ask someone from the company to raise a ticket and ask to reactivate on that device.

Thanks Ovi for the response.
So do you mean to say that i can still use someone else’s id and still give the details of my personal machine where i installed the studio? Does the sales team not validate the email id with the system id etc?

They validate it. But if the company wants to allow your address to use the license you can use it on your machine. Support team has details about this.

No i cant use my company id now but i can try someone else’s id if that is okay and can extend my license.

Or is it possible to use a new company id but still use the same personal machine to install the trial version?

So, the company paid for the license. You are not in the company anymore. The short answer is that you are not allowed to use someone else’s email id.

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ok…Thank you…