Issues Renewing Community License with Company Email

I’m a new member of this community. You all may address me by my own personal name Li Jing. I’m writing this message is to seek your assistance while renewing my license for the Community Version.

First off, here’s some background information. As a staff member of Singapore Telecommunications Limited, I was able to access the Community Version toolset even if I registered with my company email. I was using it for both my training on UiPath Academy and maintaining other UiPath works that are also done using the Community Version. However, after the end of the two months trial, the system can’t seem to extend the trial period for my device despite multiple attempts renewing it. I also tried reinstalling the software and even created a ticket to have the support team to help me out; but even so, the same problem keeps surfacing.

So I would like to find out could there possibly be any workarounds for me to circumvent the renewal issues?

Please do respond to me as soon as possible because I’m writing with utmost urgency so that I can proceed on to complete my unfinished projects.

Li Jing