Can Someone please share UIpath Support direct Email

Can Someone please share UIpath Support direct Email. I am in middle of doing some POC through UIpath Community edition and my licence is expired. I need to show case this demo to get approval from Business for UIpath licence. Can someone please help for UIpath Support direct mailid. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Hi @SunnyXav

You would have to request here

Also, after doing this if it doesn’t work, see these

But you would have to request it that is for sure


Please if my licence is extended for one month then I will be able to show case my POC to Business and can get Licence cost approval.

Registered with: and Device id is : 1a2+hX/37WxN13xFoxN1

It will be extended but you just have to fill this form


I have filled the form. Please extend my licence. Many thanks for your kind support.

Restart UiPath Studio, it will work.

Also, go through this


Still it is asking Activate Licence while opening UI Path Studio Community edition.

My licence key is: <please do not share your licence keys on the public forum>

Try after restarting your machine or else have a look at Workaround that I mentioned in above post

Still not able to open UIpath Studio, getting message Licence expired. Please help

Try to delete the License folder from %localappdata%\UiPath, start Studio again and try to activate.

Tried all but still not able to fix licence. Any other suggestion to resolve this issue.

Have you activated the tool by a trial code previously?

Yes, I was using it and it was working fine.

Now it is not allowing me to activate licence and saying Subscription expired.

If you have gone through my first post, it is mentioned there

I think you will have to contact support team to get it working now

Contact Technical Support


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Hi @SunnyXav

@PrankurJoshi is right.

Please make a ticket with our licencing support to make a case for prolonging your Studio Enterprise Trial.

It is possible, but is judged case by case.

Community Edition can only be used in small organizations (= organizations that have less than 250 machines or users).


Hi @loginerror

My company want to deploy one attended robot for about 100 machines or ursers. How many license attended robot must buy for my case


Dear UiPath enthusiasts,

Wish you a Happy New Year! :tada:
I would like to bring to your notice that UiPath has dedicated links for the support. Please find below and use them accordingly to reach out to the team who directly work on this.

1.Licensing Queries & Activations (Device ID release\ Activations\ Any license related) → Contact Licensing Queries & Activations
2. Technical Support (Only for ENTERPRISE edition of the product) → Contact Technical Support
3. Academy relatedContact UiPath Learning
4. Sales (For more details on the product) → Contact Sales - RPA Business Process Strategy | UiPath

And there are other links as well. Please find them here. Let’s use the appropriate link to get the faster resolution from the right team.

Thanks & Regards,

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Hi, As I am in between of POC for one of Business Usecase. Can you please extend my licence so that I can complete my POC. Details are as follows:


DeviceID: 1a2+hX/37WxN13xFoxN1

Licence Key: <please do not share your licence keys on the public forum>

Hi @SunnyXav

Please do contact our licencing support and please do not share license keys on the public forum.

There is a priority box to be checked in the form that should help here.

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