Can we use multiple user accounts to log into the same Robot from Orchestrator?


We are trying to leverage Orchestrator and unattended bots with windows 10 PCs (not server).
We have Orchestrator connected to multiple Unattended Robots.
We would like to execute multiple Processes against each Robot (1 at a time).
However, we would like each Process to use its OWN user ID to log into the Robots.

ex) Process A executes from orchestrator. Orchestrator logs into Robot 1 using account user_process_a.
Now Process B executes from orchestrator. Orchestrator logs into Robot 1 using account user_process_b.
Now Process A executes again. This time it logs into Robot 2 using user_process_a account.

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance!

hello @TaKoNoMeaT

yes it is possible to change the user for a same robot.

you can create different robot for different user for same machine,


to do that you just need to create a duplicate robot for the same machine, follow the below steps,

  1. got to robot section and click on more action

  2. select duplicate robot

  3. Add new use to the same machine

above steps will create different users for a particular machine.
while scheduling or running a process you need to select user as well , like below



note : both created robot should assign to same environment in the orchestrator


Does this work on the same license? I tried that and the Robot tray says that the robot is unlicensed … does this mean there should be a new license for each user account?

yes this works on single license, make sure that you are acquiring the licenses from the orchestrator and use name and password which you entered while creating a new robot for new user is right.

tried that but it still says unlicensed