How to run different process with multiple users on one robot machine

Hey All,

I’ve installed my UiPath Orchestrator on the server successfully. As now I only have 2 unattended robots, and i want to use them to complete multiple process from different teams. But due to the SSO setting, i have to complete the process with different users. And my question is how can i login the robot machine with different users when running the process?

I am encountering the same issue. I have 2 Unattended Robots (Robot-A and Robot-B) are running simultaneously on the same Automation Server. The issue is, they Process that they are both running needs to log into an external Web Site. Part of the restriction on this Web Site is that a User Account can only be logged in once (1 single instance), therefore there is a problem when trying to run both Robot-A and Robot-B together.
The only solution that comes to mind is to create 2 Schedules for the same Process and assign Robot-A to one schedule and Robot-B to the 2nd schedule. The Process would then have a Parameter defined that could be used to pass in an Asset value (credential) for the 2 different login accounts for the Web Site. Then in Orchestrator, you can setup 2 different Login Assets for the Web Site, so that the 2 different instances can utilize the 2 different Login Assets.

Can anyone suggest anything better or more optimal…?

@rstaylor62 Hi, any luck on making this scenario work? apart of buying extra unattended robot license.