Two robots with the same license in the same virtual machine but different user

I’m having some issues with the orchestrator as I only have one unattended license in a virtual machine where I ve to execute all the processes I have different users (for the moment just 3 processes).
Therefore, what I’ve done is create a differente robot in Orchestrator for each user and link them to the package they need to run. All three robots have been created in orchestrator specifying the same “key” and “machine name”.
The problem comes when i try to execute one process while another one is already running. Instead of waiting til the other process, which is using the machine, finishes, it tries to start the process and, therefore, connect to the machine which gives an error as a virtual machine can only have one user connected at a time.
Anyone knows how to solve this??
Thank You!!!

i dont think you can run two different process in same machine at same time, if you want one process to wait until another one get finished you have to handle through code or you can schedule them with approximate time. Orchestrator will just trigger the robot based on schedule, it will not validate anything,